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la Basic teaching

In this section you find the basic teachings of the ascended masters described in a very concise way. Familiarizing yourself with these teachings will give you a better foundation for understanding the answers given on the rest of the website.


– Why you need a new world view

– What is an ascended master?

– The hierarchy of ascended masters

– How are the answers on this website brought forth?

– A basic understanding of how the universe was created

– Understanding the four levels of the material realm

– The fall into duality

– Understanding our basic choices

– Understanding duality and non-duality

– The path offered by the ascended masters

– An overview of the seven rays

– Your personal energy field

– Human, know thyself

– The importance of using spiritual tools

Under the bellow unit names, you will find the following sections. From each of them we have selected a few questions that may arouse your special interest: 

Spiritual Movements

– About organizations inspired or sponsored by the ascended masters

Spiritual Experience
– How can a spiritual seeker best interpret dreams?
– God has not created your suffering

– Jesus' opinion regarding the role of women

- Karma and reincarnation

- Karma does not prdestine everzthing, there is still room for individual choice

– Reincarnation and spirituality

Death and Dying

– Death is not created by God


– Foundational teachings on crop circles, UFOs and other phenomena

Dark Forces

– The Brotherhood of Light and the brotherhood of darkness

– Exposing dark spirits and protecting yourself

– Celebration of light at the time of Halloween


– How to deal with evil

Practical life

– The treatment of farm animals and eating meat

– Can we have good physical health?

– Transcend a compartmentalized approach to health and nutrition

Relationships, General

– Foundational teachings on how to respond when others abuse you

Relationships, Love

– How to find the “right” partner for life

– Foundational teachings on marriage and divorce


– When to leave an abusive relationship


– Foundational teachings on the relationship between teenagers and parents

– Foundational teachings on raising children

– Inspiring children

Healing, Physical

– Donation of blood or organs

– The power is within you to heal any imperfection

Healing, Psychological

– A non-pacifying approach to disease and dying

– The spiritual cause of allergies

– Healing severe trauma and childhood abuse

– Foundational teachings on healing your psychology

Mental Illness

– Many people have the seeds of schizophrenia within them


– Overcoming an addiction


– Having as much sex as you want?

– Foundational teachings on (homo) sexuality

– How both men and women can develop a more mature attitude to sex

Movies and Music

– More teachings about rock music

- Music to enhance zour spiritual growth


– Appropriate reading material for correct spirituality


Changing Society

– Are violent revolutions and protests necessary?

– The need to teach children how to master the psyche

– Why haven’t spiritual movements had a greater impact on society?

World Changes

– The world will not end on any date in the near future

– The ascended masters have the power to change the world; we have the authority

– How a relatively small number of people can affect an entire nation

Historical Persons

– Going into the mind of a dictator

– Why do many rich and famous people self-destruct?

– Where are Stalin and Lenin today?

– Mother Teresa - did she become an ascended being?


– Why democracies cannot survive without FREE speech

Money, the Economy

– Living the abundant life in your consciousness

– Why bad people have money and good people don’t


– Science has become as corrupted by duality as medieval Christianity

– How evolution and genes have been used as an excuse by people who will not change themselves

Political Issues

– Foundational teachings on abortion

– Gay marriage

– In the Aquarian age, we must rethink our approach to nature, government, corporations and God

Power Elite

– Power Elite 1: Understanding separateness, selfishness and sainthood

– Why information is the key to overthrowing the power elite

– The real story of 9/11

– How global warming and other environmental issues are being used by the power elite

– How ascended master students should deal with the power elite

Man-made Atrocities

– The psychological cause behind the Holocaust and other human atrocities

Natural Disasters

– How humanity has created all imbalances in nature

The Americas

– Colombia, poverty, drugs and economic problems

Asia and Australia

– The unification of Korea is closer than you think

– Be patient about North Korea

– Is China a threat to the world?

– The fate of the Tibetan people

– The Dalai Lama can move on


- The crisis in Greece

– Will the light come from Scandinavia?

– Let us rise above the fighting over land!

– Claim your Freedom in Europe!

– God government versus human government


– Let the Swedes come out of their shell and grasp the vision of integration for the Baltic region

– Anchoring the Flame of Integration in the nexus of Scandinavia and Europe

Middle East

– Why do Jews and Arabs hate each other?

– God’s chosen people: fact and fiction

– Resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

– The State of Israel is a test for all people

– New answer on Israel and conspiracy theories  


– Question about Vladimir Putin

– A curtain of light to protect nations from the former Soviet block

– Transforming the nations of the Soviet block

– How to be free of the Soviet Union
United States

– A higher form of democracy in America

- Only persons willing to sell out to the elite can become nominated by the main political parties in the United States

– A second American revolution is needed

– The U.S. political system is outdated and constitutional reforms are needed  


Purpose of Life

– Overcoming the sense of having no purpose in life
– What is my purpose in life?

Free Will

– How free is your free will?

– Your own past choices can indeed override your ability to make future choices


– Is the soul physical, spiritual or both?

– Why no evidence that the soul exists after death?

Lower Self – Ego

– Foundational teachings on human prejudice and discrimination

– At some point, you will have to break the pact your ego has made with the devil

Higher Self

– Higher self or Holy Spirit?

– “Signs from God” means your Christ self is trying to reach you

Walking the Path

– The path is a state of constant self-observation

– Walking the spiritual path without suffering

– The role of humor on the spiritual path

– How to live in the now

– Your personal master

– A balanced approach to life

Spiritual Teachers

– Why do people need the ascended masters?

– Look for a spiritual teacher who challenges you instead of telling you what your ego wants to hear

– Having an earthly guru versus seeking a direct relationship with the ascended masters


– A teaching about how the ascended masters seek to help us transcend our illusions

– Autobiography of a Spiritual Student
Spiritual Practices

– Only one spiritual teaching and technique?

– Blessing your food

Spiritual Tools

– Correct use of psychic abilities and astrology
– How to guarantee that you will NOT get results from using spiritual tools

– How to react when your spiritual work does not produce the physical results you desire

- The importance of making calls


– Many religions can be a foundation for Christhood

– 10,000 people have Christhood on inner levels

– Overcoming the fear of being the Christ in action

Christ Discernment

– No magical key can give you Christ discernment - it is a matter of practice

Speaking Out

– Foundational teachings on how the students of the ascended masters can have a greater impact on the world

– Recommending teachings to other people

– Speak with love or heal your psychology first

– Expressing the Living Word


– How to stop descending and start ascending

– Ascension as the raising of people's consciousness

– Do people qualify for the ascension today?

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